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Show Some TLC

Show Some TLC

Mow Regularly
If your grass is growing, you?ll be mowing. Each grass type looks best and stays healthiest at a certain height. Use your mower to maintain that height as closely as possible. Cutting your lawn too short can be just as damaging as letting it grow too tall. The basic rule of mowing is to never cut more than one-third of the leaf blade. Generally, this means mowing about once a week.

However, weather and growth spurts might require mowing twice a week.
In cool spring and fall weather, cut grasses to 21/2?inches. When temperatures top 80 degrees, let the grass get taller ? as high as 31/2?inches for bluegrass. It may not have the perfect appearance of a lawn cut shorter, but the grass will be healthier. Tall blades shade the ground, conserving moisture and preventing weed seeds from germinating.

The right grass, good soil, and timely care should have you well on the way to a champion lawn. Be patient ? a lawn, like the other living parts of your landscape, takes several seasons to mature and fill in completely. When it does, don?t be surprised to catch a few neighbors admiring your lawn and wondering what your secret is.

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